Welcome to the New World.

Your new plan can be virtually identical to the plan you have today with respect to eligibility, matching contributions, vesting, withdrawal provisions, etc. If your current provisions have been successful for your company, there’s no need to change them. If not, this is a great time to consider the real impact of immediate eligibility, “negative enrollment” and automatic savings increases as a way to boost your plan’s effectiveness.

Your investments will change to the model portfolio/buckets approach described earlier and be managed by 401k Revolt’s Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) at a fixed cost. He will act in a 3(38) fiduciary capacity so that he can manage the investments in each model portfolio for all 401k Revolt clients.

Your communication strategy will change from investment education to savings education. You’ll have a comprehensive new set of education components, all included at a fixed cost: If you have a trusted local advisor that you would like to retain for on-site presentations or one-on-one employee education, you can retain his services and include his fees in the plan as you wish. All the expenses of the new plan will be entirely transparent and presented in dollars. 401k Revolt will provide all fees in a written proposal. They are contractually guaranteed.