Emerge Victorious.

401k Revolt plan investments are comprised of index funds—but as the underlying components in model portfolios (conservative, moderate and aggressive) offered by the plan—not as individual investments.

Since index funds historically out-perform actively managed funds in 8 out of 10 years and come with guaranteed lower expense, they are the core investments of the plan.

Employees are guided, based on their self-determined “risk profile” and years-to-retirement, to a model portfolio or “bucket”, that reflects these two criteria. Buckets are conservative, moderate or aggressive and have four time horizons. As a result, investments are once again “managed” by the Plan’s investment professional and not by participants.

The employee is no longer confronted with a confusing array of investments but with model portfolios. As a result, the single greatest barrier to participation and the root of all poor investment-related decision-making by participants, both initially and over time, is removed from the plan.