Emerge Victorious.

By creating an “investment” line-up of model portfolios (or “buckets”), the initial education task is a simple one: how to pick the bucket that makes sense for me. This is a simple function of the risk questionnaire and years-to-retirement.

Investment education gives way to savings education – something everyone can understand. The goal is to start saving early and saving enough in the indicated bucket, to meet future needs based on the participant's timetable.

Written materials, presentations and web-based education tools are greatly simplified and the vocabulary of investing is largely a thing of the past. When the participant does go to the website, he finds his bucket, sees how he’s doing and can elect to save more. He is no longer confronted with investments, buying, selling, re-balancing and investment toolboxes. The basic message for the buckets is “set it and forget it” – until your time horizon changes.

Employees will not be scared to join. They’ll be confident they’re investing their hard-earned dollars in a way that makes sense for them and they’ll be inclined to set it and forget it. And they’ll see you as really helping them to maximize their retirement savings.